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Post-Storm Salvage in Washington, VT

In winter, snow, ice, and wind often have a severe impact on timber stands. That was the case in December, 2014, when light rain and falling temperature led to serious damage to red pine stands in Washington, VT. As the temperature dropped, rain falling on the pines froze on contact. With every needle and branch coated, the weight of the ice snapped the trunks of many trees and uprooted many others.

a damaged red pine stand in washington vermontAfter the storm, Redstart’s Courtney Haynes inspected two red pine stands with the help of two four-legged friends. Damage seemed to be spotty and isolated; one of the stands was completely undamaged, while the other was devastated.

Court began to search for a logger who could salvage the timber. She contacted the Orange County Forester, who helps manages the Vermont Use Value Appraisal Program (AKA Current Use) to see if any changes in the forest management plan would be necessary. Court estimated that there were 70,000 board feet of logs that could be salvaged—about a month’s work for two loggers working together, using a small skidder.

dogs sitting by a damaged red pineWorking with the landowner, Court initiated a timber salvage operation on the damaged lot. Speed was critical: wood-staining fungi would quickly take up residence in the wood fibers, making the downed and broken trees unfit for salvage.

If you’re a landowner who sustained damage from the December, 2014 ice storm or similar weather events, feel free to contact Redstart. We’ll be happy to come and assess the damage, and to create and implement a salvage logging operation, if appropriate.

red pine trees snapped off halfway down the trunk by an ice story in washington vt

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