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We help our clients increase the health and productivity of their forests, farms, and waters, manage invasive species, increase recreational opportunities, and ensure the health of the land for future generations.

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“I've been with Redstart for years and appreciate how they pay attention to my changing needs and interests. They understand natural systems, use the most current technology, and are happy to get their hands dirty and their boots wet. I couldn't ask for a better team.” – Steve Long
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Land Management with Vision

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Promoting Healthier & More Productive Forests

Good stewardship can not only improve forest health today, but make your land more productive in the future. At Redstart, we work from the soil up to understand and support the natural systems that make up your forest, so your management approach will both fit the current situation and improve the ecosystem and the timber resource over the long term.

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Managing Invasive Species

Non-native invasive species represent a threat to forest, uplands, wetlands, and agricultural land. Our experienced staff can help you to quickly identify invasive species, assess the risk of their spread, and create treatment programs to reduce their impact on native species.

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Restoring Ecosystems & Managing Habitats

On many properties and river systems, prior land use decisions have resulted in damage to the ecosystem, causing erosion, increasing flood risk, adversely impacting aquatic habitat, and allowing the intrusion of invasive species. Redstart can help assess the condition of land and rivers, and help restore these ecosystems with native plantings that slow erosion, reduce the threat of invasives, and attract wildlife.

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Agricultural & Recreational Land Use Consulting

At Redstart, we know what it means to work—and play—in the Vermont outdoors. We can show you how to implement sustainable agricultural practices that increase productivity. And we can help you manage your land to increase recreational opportunities, from hunting and fishing to skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking.

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