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Land Conservation Baseline Documentation Reports

Identify critical features so they can be protected.

Conservation easements can be powerful tools to help protect land for future generations.

loon with chickWe can help you to think through how a conservation easement might help you meet your goals, and we can help connect you to the one of the great local land conservation organizations active in this area, including the Vermont Land Trust, Upper Valley land Trust, and New England Forestry Foundation.

The natural features of properties or portions of properties placed in conservation easements must be clearly documented. This documentation allows organizations to develop effective plans to protect critical features—from upland, wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat to rare or threatened species.

Redstart works with landowners, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies to document the features of a protected area using GPS and GIS technology that creates accurate digital maps. These maps show special ecological feature such as rivers, streams, vernal pools, natural communities, as well as important human additions such as boundary markers, bridges, culverts, farm fields, and roads. By documenting these resources we can ensure that they are protected for future generations.