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ducks in flight along river bank

Riparian Buffer & Upland Plantings

Reduce flood and erosion risk.

Along streams and rivers, the roots of trees and shrubs help to stabilize soil, reducing the risk of flood and erosion. Trees and shrubs also provide important habitat in both upland and riparian settings, offering shelter, nesting and den sites, and shade to help moderate water temperatures.

If you have a river or stream on your property, Redstart will work with you to control invasive plants if necessary, and plant native vegetation including trees and shrubs that hold soil effectively. We start with a thorough assessment of the site and the surrounding area, looking at what is currently growing there. We examine the soils and consider the local climate, the habitat, and the flood risk mitigation value of the trees and shrubs available at local nurseries. Then we work with you to develop a planting plan.

The most rewarding part of riparian and upland projects is the planting itself. Getting our hands dirty, digging holes, and planting trees and shrubs is always fun. Redstart has the necessary equipment and staff for virtually any type of planting, and we welcome the opportunity to help you reduce the risk of flood and erosion to your property.