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Forest Certification

Reap the benefits of documented sustainability practices.

Sustainable forest management offers benefits to the landscape—and can offer benefits to property owners as well.

A certified land manager, Redstart can help you to achieve certification for sustainable practices so you can participate in the marketplace for certified wood. And because we have strong inventory, planning and management standards, often only minor changes to management plans and procedures on the ground are necessary to bring a property into the certified pool.

Redstart’s commitment to certified sustainability is strong, and we believe in constantly improving our management practices by making them transparent through the audit process. We are a founding member of The Forest Partnership, an organization established to provide third-party sustainability certification to landowners. We are audited by The Rainforest Alliance, a certifying body for the Forest Stewardship Council, and are also members of the Vermont Woodlands Association, American Tree Farm System, which is in turn certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.