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garlic mustard, an invasive species in vermont

Invasive Plant Management

Identify and control invasive plants on your property.

Redstart employs an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to invasive plant management, using manual and chemical control depending upon the situation and the needs of the client.

redstart's courtney haynes removes garlic mustard, an invasive plant in vermont

Redstart’s Courtney Haynes works to remove garlic mustard, an invasive species in Vermont

We carefully consider soil conditions, presence of water features, overstory tree composition, and understory tree and herbaceous composition. We look closely at the targeted invasive, including the extent of cover, stage of development, and overall vigor. We then develop a cost-effective treatment approach that minimizes damage to native vegetation. Our approach may include hand pulling, or herbicide application using a foliar, cut-stump, or basal bark application.

In helping landowners to develop plans to control non-native invasive plants we often encourage them to work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which offers a cost-sharing program to assist in important plant control work. We also provide landowners with information about native plants that make suitable replacements for invasive species.