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Ecological Assessments

Explore what makes your property unique.

If you are interested in learning more about the special ecological features of your land, Redstart can help.

You might already be aware of some of the more unique features of your property. For example, you might know more about a vernal pool or wetland that is a home or a breeding place for amphibians. Or you have identified rare plant or natural communities, such as a showy lady slipper bog or silver maple-ostrich fern floodplain forest. If you already know that these features exist, Redstart can help you employ management practices that support them.

If you haven’t explored the unique features of your property, Redstart can help you get started. Our ecological assessments reach across your land to uncover the features not only worth admiring, but worth protecting and nourishing.

While Redstart’s staff includes much of the expertise needed to assess and protect the special features of your property, we can also call on our strong network of experts in various environmental disciplines to support us as needed.