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apple orchard

Apple Orchards

Make the most of one of Vermont’s top crops.

Orchardists in Vermont grow over 100 cultivars of apples, from heirloom varieties such as Northern Spy and Wolf River to more recent cultivars such as Empire, Gala, and Honeycrisp.

No matter which variety you’d like to grow, the staff at Redstart is well-equipped to help you start a new apple orchard or manage an existing one. And if you are interested in animal habitat improvement, we can help you bring back old apples interspersed in your woods and field edges so that wildlife can benefit from their sweet fruit.

Ben Machin grew up on a diversified homestead with apple trees and a cider press. He can work with you to assess your soil and site conditions, select apple varieties, lay out a new orchard, or prune an older one to help bring it back to productivity. No matter what your needs, he’ll assemble an experienced Redstart team that can help you with anything from orchard installation to pest management.