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timber stack at the base of mount mansfield in vermont

Timber Sale Administration

Harvest and sell your timber while improving timber quality.

Overstocked and mature forest represents an opportunity to generate income. But having a sound approach and logging selectively ensures increased productivity for the future as well.

measuring log width for a timber saleWhen you are ready to harvest timber, Redstart acts as your agent. We’ll select and mark trees for removal, find a suitable logger to conduct the work, and negotiate a contract for the sale of the wood. We’ll oversee the entire job to ensure that it adheres to Vermont’s Acceptable Management Practices Program and is completed to your satisfaction.

Redstart views this portion of our work as essential for improving timber quality over time, maintaining forest productivity, and supporting the local jobs involved in harvesting, milling, and drying wood, as well as the jobs involved in creating products from wood, including furniture, flooring, cabinets, log homes, siding, dimensional lumber, and trim. Effective timber sale administration helps close the loop of the local forest products economy, for the benefit of both landowners and manufacturers.