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grey squirrel on old fallen tree trunk

Risk Tree Assessments

Remove hazards and make your property safer.

Risk trees pose a danger to people and property because they contain structural flaws that can cause part or all of them to suddenly break off and fall. To evaluate this risk, Redstart completes in-the-field tree assessments using a ranking system developed by the USDA Forest Service.

damaged standing treeTo make your property safer, we analyze risk trees and assess them for the probability of target impact, size of defective parts, probability of failure, and other factors such as strength of wood and direction of lean. We also carefully examine and document decay features such as weak branch unions, crown dieback, cavities, and root disease.

Following our fieldwork, we prepare a map and written report that prioritizes risk trees on your property and helps you make informed decisions about mitigation actions, from cabling to tree removal.

Redstart offers complete risk tree assessments for private homeowners, community groups, and other organizations responsible for managing public safety on the property they own or manage.