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Ben Machin

Partner, Forester, Project Developer

Ben received a Bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College in 1996 and a Master’s in Forestry from the University of Vermont in 2003. Prior to joining Redstart Forestry in 2001, Ben was employed as a firefighter/smokejumper with the USDA Forest Service, parachuting and fighting fires from Alaska to Arizona. In addition to his work as a partner of Redstart, Ben is the land management consultant for the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, VT.

Growing up on a homestead in Vermont, Ben developed his interests in livestock, sugaring, and working in the woods. Ben and his wife Grace live in Corinth VT, where they own and operate a sheep farm, and also make maple syrup and apple cider with their family elders.