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Markus Bradley

Partner, Forester, Invasive Plant Specialist

Markus received an Associates Degree from Paul Smith’s College in 1995 and a Bachelor’s in Forest Management from the University of Vermont in 1997. During his college years and in the first year following graduation from UVM, Markus worked as a technician forester, logger, and private consultant on industrial and non-industrial land in New York, and Maine.

In 1998, Markus joined Redstart, where he helped to develop forest management services for non-industrial private landowners, and has maintained his steadfast focus on helping small landowners. At the same time, Markus has developed an awareness of the risk posed by invasive plants and has worked with others at Redstart to provide services that address this concern.

In addition to traditional forest management and invasive plant management, Markus has completed the Game of Logging safety training, manages a Christmas tree plantation, and is a certified Tree Farm Inspector. He lives in Vershire, VT with his wife and three children.